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City-owned Garbage Collection

The city of Farmington is among the nearly 30 percent of communities in Minnesota that have organized garbage and recycling collection services.

There are two types of collection systems; open and organized. In an open collection system, customers choose their own waste hauler. In an organized system, waste hauling services are coordinated by a public entity. Benefits to having organized collection service include reduced wear and tear on streets, reduced traffic, pollution, and noise. Same day pickup in neighborhoods provides aesthetic benefits (cans at the curb just once a week), increased recycling capture rates, and excellent customer service.

What makes Farmington unique among those communities with organized collection services?
The city owns and operates the automated trucks that provide residents and businesses with an efficient and cost effective service. Instead of being dumped in a landfill, garbage collected by the city is delivered to Resource Recovery Technologies where it is processed into fuel for electricity generation.
Single sort recycling, yard waste service, temporary dumpsters, and pickups for large items are provided by a private contractor, currently Dick’s Sanitation/Lakeville Sanitary, Inc., selected through a proposal process.

Setup or Change Your Garbage & Recycling Service

Call Utility Billing to setup or change service, 651-280-6883.

Garbage & Recycling Collection Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage or recycling questions or concerns?
Contact the city at 651-280-6900 or email at 


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