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Winter Parking and Snow Removal

City maintenance services provides snow removal services. Please review the frequently asked questions below.

What are the winter parking restrictions?

No person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand upon any street, highway, alley, or public parking area within corporate city limits for a period of time exceeding 72 consecutive hours. In addition, between November 1 and April 15 of each calendar year, no person shall park a vehicle or permit it to stand upon any street, highway, alley, or public parking area between the hours of 2:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. or after a two inches or greater snowfall until the streets are plowed curb to curb except as authorized.

What is the purpose of winter parking restrictions?

It is the most cost effective and efficient way to maintain our streets in winter. If a snowfall event warrants a call out of plows, 3 a.m. is a good time to start cleaning streets, before residents begin their commutes and school buses pick up children. We want to make the roads as safe as possible and quickly. Our trucks have two plow blades; a 12 ft. width on the front blade and a 10 ft. width on the wing. An operator can clean the street, curb-to-curb, in two passes.

Why is this restriction every night?

It is easier to conform to the law when it becomes a habit. Also, many snow events start in the middle of night when residents are sleeping and unaware.

What are snow removal requirements?

Snow and ice on boulevard sidewalks or trails must be cleaned within 12 hours of accumulation. Snow may not be moved from private property onto streets.

What should I do if my mailbox or sod is damaged by the city's snow removal equipment?

City policy allows mailbox replacement only if there has been direct contact with city snow removal equipment. Sod damaged by plows and reported each year by June 1, will be repaired or replaced by the Municipal Services Department. Sod damaged by salt, sand, or deicing chemicals will not be repaired or replaced by the city.

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