2040 Comprehensive Plan

The city of Farmington is updating its Comprehensive Plan in 2017-2018, looking into the future as far out as 2040. The Comprehensive Plan will act as a strategic guide to help reach Farmington's greatest potential. Comprehensive planning is an important tool for cities to guide future development of land and public infrastructure to ensure a safe, well-designed, and economical environment for residential, commercial, industrial, and public activities. Click on the following link for information:

2040 Comprehensive Plan Website

2040 Comprehensive Plan Update Survey

 As part of the community input for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update, a survey was recently completed. The survey included three key questions that will help the city shape the plan going forward. A total of 310 responses were received. Below are the tabulated responses based on the three questions: 

Please select the top three attributes, qualities, strengths that you believe make Farmington a great place to live today: 
Friendly/Safe/Welcoming Community – 145
Small town feel – 111
Open space (Natural beauty of the area) – 98
Location (Proximity to the Twin Cities) – 86
School district – 84
Affordability – 82
Close to family/friends – 50
Parks and recreation opportunities – 47
Close to job – 31
Appearance of homes and neighborhoods – 29
Close to shopping – 12
Community services – 7

What do you think are the serious issues facing Farmington today? 
Lack of businesses – 238
High taxes – 213
Vacant storefronts – 141
Lack of jobs – 71
Rising crime – 60
Poor economy – 52
Too much growth – 33
Lack of affordable housing – 25
Too much density – 21
Environmental threats – 12
Unsure – 3

Please select the top three changes you think would have the greatest impact on improving the quality of life in Farmington in the future:

Expand retail shopping options – 214
Decrease taxes and fees – 198
Increase employment opportunities – 100
Improve recreational facilities/parks/trail facilities – 91
Improve roads – 38
Improve public transit – 37
Improve public safety – 28
Improve community services – 25
Increase housing affordability – 23
Improve quality of housing – 15
Increase choices of housing types – 10

 If you have questions about the 2040 Comprehensive Plan or the survey, contact Planning Manager Tony Wippler at 651-280-6822 or email.