Residential Permits

Solicitors, peddlers, and transient merchants are allowed in Farmington with a license.

For-profit sale of products or services requires a license from the city. The city does not endorse any specific product or service by the issuing of a license.

Peddlers, Solicitors, Temporary Outdoor, and Transient Applications for Permits

Download Applications:

Please mail, FAX, or return forms with a photo copy of valid drivers license to
the Farmington Police Department.

Farmington Police Department
19500 Municipal Drive
Farmington, MN 55024

FAX 651-280-6799

Frequently Asked Questions

Which permit do I need?

Solicitors – Going door to door taking orders.
Peddlers – Going door to door carrying merchandise with them.
Transient Merchants – Selling from a fixed location (selling corn from a pickup in a parking lot)

Note: If the seller is putting flyers on the doors or in paper boxes and not making contact with residents, a permit is not needed.

Non-profit groups: No permit is needed, but the Police Department does need a list of vehicles being used and license plate numbers.

When is a Temporary Outdoor Exhibition (block party) permit needed?

A permit is required if a public street is being blocked off.  The Police Department will determine where barricades can be placed to close off the street. If someone is having a party with a band outside, but not closing off a street, a permit may be suggested because of noise depending on number of people expected and hours. All events are to be shut down by 11:00 p.m.  No money can be exchanged for alcohol.

What is the cost of a permit?

Solicitors, etc.: $65/person for one year; $45/person for up to 6 months
Outdoor Exhibitions (Block Parties): $15/event

How long does it take before approval?

Approximately one week.

Is insurance required?

No insurance is required.

When and where do I pick up barricades?

At the Police Department before 4:00 p.m. the day prior to the event. Barricades should be returned the morning after the event.