Farmington, Minnesota

Photo by Jason Jensen

Farmington Fix

Farmington Fix
Posted on 02/12/2018
Farmington FixThe city of Farmington has replaced the SeeClickFix application with a new website form called Farmington Fix starting Feb. 8.  

The new form encompasses all that SeeClickFix does for the city but with more confidentiality. 

“We could see the requests in SeeClickFix were getting more and more personal. The last thing we want is to pinpoint one house in a neighborhood,” said David McKnight, City Administrator. “There are concerns in Farmington that need to be addressed, and this tool will allow us to do it in a more professional manner.”

The city cancelled the SeeClickFix membership because it has newer technology that can create applications that are similar. $5,000/year is being saved by terminating the membership and creating the Farmington Fix in-house. Although the “Report an Issue” tool has changed, city staff’s dedication to Farmington residents’ needs has not. 

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