Protect Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer

EABEmerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a devastating insect that attacks all species of the Ash family. It is an invasive wood boring beetle whose larvae create tunnels under the bark of the tree, which cuts off the nutrient and water supply. This causes canopy dieback and eventually tree mortality. EAB has been detected in Dakota County. The city of Farmington has developed an inventory of trees on public property. It is estimated that 44% of city boulevard trees are ash trees.

Farmington's EAB Treatment Program

Farmington has contracted with YTS Companies a professional tree care service, to provide EAB treatment for ash trees on public property. Reduced pricing will be available to Farmington residents for treatment of ash trees on private property. To take advantage of this discount EAB treatment program contact YTS Companies at 612-331-1133 for pricing and scheduling (mention the Farmington program). The contracted prices are valid through the end of the 2017 season. Ash tree injection treatments are recommended to be scheduled between June 1 and September 30 (before fall leaf color change - usually around September 30), when EAB larvae are most active. As a property owner, it is important to identify if you have ash trees on your property. If you have ash trees – prevention is the most effective way to combat EAB. Here's what to expect from YTS:

  1. Schedule an onsite visit and assessment with a certified arborist from YTS to evaluate the property’s ash trees.
  2. Plan a strategy based on the tree assessment. YTS works with the owner to create a long-term strategy that may include selective removal, replanting, and treating trees. Tree mapping and inventorying are also available.
  3. A proposal will be created based on the arborist’s assessment that is sent to the property owner for review and acceptance. If needed, YTS will take care of city permits.
  4. EAB treatment is performed after the proposal is accepted. Scheduling is done by YTS’ Customer Care Team and a licensed crew arrives to treat the trees. YTS will keep a record of the property’s treatment history for you.

Residents will be responsible for the full cost of these treatments. Money back guarantee – if your tree dies from Emerald Ash Borer while under treatment by YTS, they will refund your treatment costs. For more information on the city’s Emerald Ash Borer plan contact at the Director of Public Works/City Engineer, P.E. Katy Gehler at 651-280-6841 or email.

EAB Information

EAB information is available at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website at