Utility Billing Rates

The city annually adjusts utility and trash rates with the adoption of the fee schedule near the end of the year. Utility rate adjustments take effect with the first full billing cycle that customers receive at the beginning of April/May/June.

Sewer Fee

Sewer fees are based on the lower of actual or winter quarter water usage. The fee is made of up of two components, the base fee and the volume charge. The base fee includes a set amount of volume. Any volume used above the set amount is billed as a volume charge per 1,000 gallons.

Residential Rates 2019  2020 2021 
Base Rate
(includes first 10,000 gallons of use)
$37.44  $37.44  $38.94
Volume Rate
(per 1,000 gallons used over 10,000)
 $3.74   $3.74  $3.89

Commercial Rates 2019  2020 2021 
Base Rate 
(includes first 20,000 gallons of use)
$80.70  $80.70  $83.93
Volume Rate
(Rate per 1,000 gallons used over 20,000)
 $4.04  $4.04 

Stormwater Fee

This fee is collected for the purpose of managing the city's storm water through the maintenance of storm sewers, ponds, and drainage ways. The storm water fee is based on a single family lot as a Residential Equivalent Unit (REU). All other property types are scaled to the REU.

Stormwater Rate 2019  2020 2021 
Per Quarter per REU $21.25  $21.25  $21.25

Street Light Fee

Streets lights are owned and maintained by the electric service providers and the city is charged monthly for these expenses. This fee supports the city’s expense of street lighting throughout the community.

Street Light Rate 2019  2020  2021
Per quarter per  (REU)
$6.90  $6.90

Water Fee

Farmington residents and businesses are billed quarterly for water usage. The fee is made up of two components, the base fee and a volume charge. The volume charged is based on the amount of gallons used. 

Water Rates  2019  2020 2021 
Base Rate  $14  $15  $15
Volume Rate 2019
(per 1,000 gallons)
(per 1,000 gallons)
(per 1,000 gallons) 
Tier 1 (Up to 20,000 gallons of use) $1.60
$1.66  $1.66
Tier 2 (20,001 to 40,000 gallons) $2.40 $2.50
Tier 3 (Over 40,000 gallons) $3.20  $3.33  $3.33
Irrigation Meters (Per 1,000 gallons) $3.20  $3.33  $3.33

Trash Collection Fee

Residents and businesses can choose the container size that best suits their needs. The more you reduce your trash, the smaller container you need, and you'll be able to reduce your trash rate. Customers who overfill their containers more than 50% of the time during a quarter and do not request a level of service change will automatically be raised to the next level of service. 

Volume  2019 rate per quarter, plus tax* 2020 rate per quarter, plus tax*  2021 rate per quarter, plus tax*
30 gallons  $50.60
$59.20 $62.16 
60 gallons $62.70 $73.36
90 gallons $73.70  $86.23 $90.54 
*Residential tax 9.75%; Commercial tax 17%

Combinations are allowed, please call for applied rates.

Yard Waste Fee

Curbside yard waste collection is available seasonally for those who choose to subscribe. A seasonal fee, which is PREPAID directly to DSI, includes a yard waste cart and up to 10 compostable bags collected weekly on the same day as your trash. The 2020 season starts April 13 and goes through the week of November 16, weather permitting. Call DSI/LSI to subscribe at 952-469-2239.

Yard Waste Rate 2020
Seasonal Fee
Additional cart  $30
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