Trash and Recycling Collection

The city transitioned to weekly recycling starting Jan. 2, 2022 to be in compliance with state and county requirements. The city updated their trash and recycling contracts to incorporate the new changes. In addition, the city transitioned trash collection to Dick's Sanitation (DSI). Outside of the frequency of collection for recycling, generally residents will not notice a change in service. 

Farmington residents receives an informational packet in the mail on the trash and recycling transition to DSI. View the documents here: 

City letter

DSI services brochure

City reminders cling - Stick the cling wherever you would like to serve as a reminder of important holiday dates!

Farmington has a long history of providing solid waste service to the community dating back to the 1940s. City Code 7-1-2 requires all refuse to be collected, conveyed and disposed of by the city. Trash is collected weekly and transferred to a processing facility and later used for waste-to-energy. Recycling is currently collected every other week.

Changes in 2022 for Trash and Recycling:

Why are we going to weekly recycling?

To be in compliance with county requirements, all haulers in Dakota County must provide weekly recycling service to their residential customers starting in 2022. The county requirement was adopted to meet state requirements for county programs. 

What does this mean for me?

DSI is responsible for providing all residential sanitation services, including collection, disposal and billing.

How do I verify my account information?

Simply verify your account information by using the online form. You can also sign up for automatic bill pay and enroll in service notifications to remind you of your service days and holiday changes. To verify your account, visit

Will I get new trash carts?

No. As part of the contract, DSI is purchasing the existing trash carts owned by the city and will continue to use those existing carts for waste collection. 

What is the pricing for 2022?

Generally, there will be a $4 increase from the current rates that provide for every other week recycling. The schedule incorporates a 3% annual escalator. The quarterly residential combined trash and recycling rates for the first 5-year term of the contract are listed below:

Container Size Current Rates 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
 35 Gallon  $62.16  $66.21  $68.20  $70.24  $72.35  $74.52
 65 Gallon  $77.03  $81.09  $83.52  $86.03  $88.61  $91.27
 90 Gallon  $90.54  $94.59  $97.43  $100.35  $103.36  $106.46

What if I have more questions?

If you have specific questions regarding the transition or any city billing inquiries, please call the city at 651-280-6800.

For questions regarding service or account verification with DSI, call them directly at 952-469-2239. 

Trash and Recycling:

Why does the city have organized collection?

Any city within Minnesota with a population of 1,000 or more must ensure that every residential household and business in the city has solid waste collection service. The City of Farmington is among about 45 other metro cities that have organized trash and recycling collection services to ensure the state requirements are met. Farmington has been providing solid waste service to the community in this manner dating back to the 1947. 

In general, organized collection provides for more efficient collection with the least impact. Without an organized collection system, multiple haulers can service the same area. This results in multiple heavy trucks traveling on each city street on different days of the week. This leads to increased wear and tear on the pavement, traffic safety concerns, especially around children and increased truck emissions. In addition, having carts out within a neighborhood on multiple days of the week can be considered an aesthetic issue.

What happens to my trash?

The Minnesota Waste Management Act sets forth a hierarchy for waste disposal and is intended to divert trash from landfills.  The state encourages achieving these disposal goals by working with counties and cities.  Farmington meets this hierarchy by transferring trash to the Red Wing Waste Recovery Facility where it is processed and then utilized for waste-to-energy.  This keeps our waste out of landfills.

Trash disposal guidelines

Please follow these guidelines for trash pickup:

  • Place containers at the curb or alley by 7 a.m. on your collection day. Routes may change and your driver may collect in your neighborhood at a different time of day from week to week.
  • Bag and tie your trash to prevent litter and avoid attracting pests.
  • Keep containers behind the curb and off of the street.
  • Trash containers need at least 5 feet of clearance on both sides from mail boxes, recycle carts, utility poles, fences, basketball hoops, etc., allowing access for the mechanical arm on the truck. Containers should have at least 15 feet of clearance from vehicles.
  • Bagged household trash outside of your container (set 3 feet away, please) will be collected and any extra fees will be added to your quarterly utility bill. Fees may be charged for bags holding container lids open more than 6 inches or for trash spilled from overfull containers. Customers who overfill their carts more than 50% of the time during a quarter and do not request a level of service change will automatically be raised to the next level of service. 
  • Do you need a different size container? At this time, we are pausing the changing of cart sizes due to the transition of trash and recycling to DSI. More information to come. 

What can I recycle?

Recycling is beneficial to the environment and can help reduce your trash service needs. Recycling markets are rapidly growing and items are added to the list of acceptable materials regularly!

Farmington residents report recycling more and being satisfied with the capacity of their recycling cart. However, if you have noticed that your recycling cart consistently does not hold all of your recyclables until collection day, first make sure you are breaking down your recycling so it takes up the least amount of space possible in the cart. If your cart is still overflowing every other week, you can request a larger one by calling DSI at 952-469-2239.

For current information on recycling even more, visit the Dakota County Recycling Guide.

Other Services:

Cardboard Recycling for Farmington Only

Farmington residents can drop off excess cardboard at various locations across the city. Please break down the boxes flat before placing them in the dumpster. Do not leave loose cardboard next to the dumpster as it could be carried away by the wind. Here are the locations:
  • Behind City Hall by Feely's Elevator, 420 Second St. 
  • Schmitz-Maki Arena, 114 Spruce St.
  • Between the Maintenance Facility and Police Department on Municipal Drive

If the city drop-offs are full, residents can take their extra cardboard to Recycle Minnesota. Find hours and more information at

Bulky Item Pick-up

If you have a bulky item (furniture, exercise equipment, carpeting, appliance, etc.) to get rid of you can use one of these methods any time throughout the year:

For the best pricing make sure to search Dakota County's Recycling Guide for appliances and mattresses.

1. Schedule a pick up or drop off - DSI will accept bulky items at any time. Find accepted items and pricing in the bulk item price list. Schedule a pick-up at 952-469-2239 or drop off at Recycle Minnesota for a 30% reduced rate - 8812 215th St. W., Lakeville, MN. 

2. Recycling Zone - The Dakota County Recycling Zone, 3365 Dodd Road, accepts the following types of waste, most for free: 

  • Household chemicals and hazardous waste
  • Electronics (TV's/Computer Monitors $10)
  • Small household appliances
  • Recyclables
  • Tires

For a detailed list, see Dakota County's website

3. Reuse - Visit Dakota County's Recycling Guide for other reuse options. Items can be donated through organizations like Bridging. View our list of reuse opportunities. Also consider posting them through online marketplaces like Facebook, Nextdoor or Craigslist. Maybe make a few bucks!

Dumpsters for rent

Dumpsters are available to rent through Dick's Sanitation. Two sizes are available: 3 yard container or 6 yard container.

For more information, call them at 952-469-2239 or visit DSI's website


Dakota County Recycling Resources

Business Recycling Program

Eligible businesses can receive funding to help reduce waste and start or improve recycling or organics collection. No match required. All businesses can get technical assistance, free container labels and educational resources. Learn more.

Multifamily Recycling Program

Dakota County provides technical assistance, in-person education and funding to start or improve recycling at apartments, condominiums, townhomes, and independent senior living. Learn more.

School Recycling Program

Grants are available to help prevent wasted food, reduce waste, improve recycling and organics collection, and educate students and staff. Request free recycling education performances, field trips, container labels and activity guides. Learn more.

Environmental Education Resources

Residents, businesses, schools and organizations are welcome to use free article templates, handouts, activity kits and more to educate about recycling, organics, household hazardous waste and waste prevention. Learn more.

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